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“Are you struggling with the growing complexity of cybersecurity and finding a reliable cybersecurity partner? My name is Amy and I work with practices of all sizes to solve these frustrating and dangerous problems. I offer straight talk, not tech talk. Let me show you how to get the cybersecurity posture you need. Enter your name and email in the box, and I will show you to get cybersecurity and IT support that is cost effective, not cost prohibitive. “

How to get cybersecurity that is cost effective, not cost prohibitive.

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24/7 Support

MDR Cybersecurity

24/7 Dental Cybersecurity and IT Support

Today’s dental offices are relying on technology more and more for everything from maintaining and securing patient records to handling in-office communication. When that technology does not work, you cannot deliver the quality service your patients need, and your practice is left out to dry. Dental offices need to partner with IT professionals to ensure they can keep their technology up and running.

As you look for a technology partner, you need to decide between a local one-person IT office, or partnering with a large company with national support. While both options have their merit, you need to choose the one that ensures your tech can stay up and running at all times.

1. 24/7 Means Help When You Need It

One of the benefits of a Dental Cybersecurity as a Service who offers national support is the fact that you get help when you need it. If you partner with a local tech office with just one or two people on staff, and something goes down outside of normal business hours or on the weekend, you may not get help in a timely manner. National support often means help whenever you have a problem, and that helps you deliver reliable service to your patients every time they come to your office.

2. 24/7 Means Faster Response Times

When you work with a remote IT team that has national coverage, you get responses quickly when you have a problem. When you work with a local one-person office, you must wait until your contact is available to address your needs. You don’t have a large team on standby to assist when you have a tech issue.

3. Peace of Mind that Technology Problems Can Be Avoided

Technology problems can seriously hurt your practice. When you can’t access patient records, efficiently schedule new appointments, or provide the security to your patients that is required by law, moving forward is difficult. When you have national support from your IT partner, you have peace of mind that you can avoid serious issues and keep doing your job.


4. Improved Security for HIPAA Standards

Your practice has a legal and ethical obligation to maintain a high level of security to protect your patient’s HIPAA rights. The right partner with national support ensures your data stays secure, so you can remain compliant at all times with HIPAA regulations. You can also turn to your IT provider for HIPAA audits to ensure you are properly compliant.


5. Reduce Mean Time To Identify (MTTI)

Finally, when you work with a company with national coverage, rather than the local IT one-man office, you have a team of people ready to tackle serious problems. If you have outside-the-box issues that you face, this means faster solutions are possible. The more people you have to think about the problem, the more likely it is that you will find a solution.

Choose Cynthetic Systems Dental Cybersecurity

If you are looking to enjoy these benefits for your dental practice, Cynthetic Systems is here to help. We lead the industry in Dental cybersecurity solutions, and also help new dental startups set up their technology for the best accessibility and deficiency. We can support dental offices in all 50 states, and we have a team that is readily accessible whenever you have a problem. If you would like to learn more about how our services can help your dental practice succeed, call us at 720-649-5882 or contact us online to schedule a consultation. Watch our short explainer video.

IT consultants, service providers and MSP’s, support many different parts of a security program, but detecting and responding to advanced threats is not where they specialize.

Focus on running your business, we will focus on the security.

Reduce Mean Time To Identify (MTTI)




Advanced threat management that helps visualize, detect and eliminate threats to the network in real-time.

We can give you deep insight and actionable intelligence into traffic across your network, as well as through the firewall, regardless of network size or design.

Real-time threat detection management and 24/7 response.


With 24/7 expert analysis, we remove false positives and only alert you to critical or major alerts.
Proactive alerts and actionable intelligence removing false positives.



We monitor your environment by ingesting raw streaming data  and Flows.
Logically auto discovers and creates asset groups.

Threat Detection

Machine learning and AI with actionable intelligence; eliminating need to add rules.
Behavioral analytics, predictive modeling and contextual real time alerts with automated analysis and correlation and elimination.

Threat Containment

Out of the box automated threat containment and elimination in real time.
Provides clear actionable steps to eliminate threats, which can be fully automated.

Compliance, Indexing and Reporting

Regulatory compliance (HIPAA, PCI, NIST, GDPR) assurance and customizable operational reports.
Log indexing , long term storage and data analytics for forensic analysis.

Operations Management

Microservice architecture facilitates rapid deployment across cloud, on premise or hybrid.
Simplified licensing based on the number of assets (versus that amount of data ingested).


Customized solutions

Every network is different. Our security engineers will assess your needs in a 1:1 consultation and design a custom configuration for your unique needs.