24/7 Manage|Detect|Respond Cybersecurity

Cynthetic Systems MDR

CS MDR is an enterprise solution that scales from 1 to 1000 users.  Our solution offers 24/7 monitoring, detection and response on premise, hybrid or in the cloud offering enterprise scale security for small organizations.

CS MDR gives you deep insight and actionable intelligence into traffic across your network, as well as through the firewall, regardless of network size or design.

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Premium next-gen firewall

24/7 managed firewall acts as a virtual perimeter wall for your business, helping prevent hackers from grabbing or destroying data.

Advanced firewall protection with United Threat Management (UTM) capability — matched to your Internet
connection speed and network size.

E-Mail Security

Our email solutions provide proactive defense against ransomware andphishing emails. Emails are scrubbed for spam and damaging code before entering your server. Unlike hosting services, our filter lets you access secure mail anywhere, anytime.

Mobile VPNs

We build secure connections for accessing company networks and assets remotely, creating a productive
and more-protected mobile office.