Cynthetic Systems Security Assessment

November 19, 2020

The Cynthetic Systems Security Assessment is designed to identify the business risk of your organization and the security measures deployed to mitigate risk. Focusing on common issues in the security segment, the questions have been developed to provide a high-level security risk assessment of the technology, processes, and people that support the business. Risk management recommendations are suggested for your environment by taking into consideration existing technology deployment, current security posture, and defense-in-depth strategies. Suggestions are designed to move you along a path toward recognized best practices.

The following lists the areas that are included for high-level analysis in the security risk assessment and describes each area’s relevance to security. The Assessment Detail section describes your organization’s security posture (based on answers you give during the assessment) in each of these areas and provides industry-recognized best practices and recommendations for achieving those practices.

  1. Infrastructure security focuses on how the network should function, what business processes (internal or external) it must support, how hosts are built and deployed, and how the network will be managed and maintained. Effective infrastructure security can help provide significant improvements in the areas of network defense, incident response, network availability, and fault analysis. By establishing a sound infrastructure design that is understood and followed, an organization can identify areas of risk and can design methods of threat mitigation.
  2. Applications security examines technologies used within the environment to help enhance Defense-in-Depth. The assessment reviews the high-level procedures an organization can follow to help mitigate application risk by focusing on application security.
  3. Security efforts in an organization often overlook organizational aspects that are critical to helping the organization maintain overall security. This section of the assessment reviews those processes within the enterprise governing corporate security policies.
  4. The People Area of Analysis focuses on dealing with security as it relates to day-to-day operational assignments and role definitions. There is focus on Human Resources processes, and employee security awareness and training, the assessment reviews high-level procedures an organization can follow to help mitigate people risk.

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