Augment your business plan with our semi-annual services assessment.

Reduce the complexity of the management of technology. Let us show you how to manage all technology-based business areas – to become more competitive through the use of technology.
1. Improve efficiency with technology: find how we can drive down your costs through automation, standardization; better processes, information, communication, and collaboration.
2. Competitive edge with technology: fuel your revenue streams with technology, better customer service, faster delivery, and better information flows.
3. Maximize business continuity: as the impact of the breach is higher, IT security, information security, and vulnerability are more important aspects in the business perspective.
Learn to do your semi-annual services assessment webinar.
When: August 19th at 11:00 AM
 Microsoft Teams meeting
Join on your computer or mobile app
What you will learn and review:
Types of user support assessment.
Technology infrastructure assessment.
Monitoring and management assessment.
Cybersecurity assessment.
You will be able to self-grade yourself and learn to build a strategic plan for the next six months.
In the past, IT service was a matter of infrastructure: networks, devices, servers, and so on. And these systems were not interconnected.
Fast forward to today and systems are interconnected, Using technology is less complicated but the most lucrative and time-saving solutions are overlooked by most business leaders.
Why?  It’s simply a matter of lacking a specialist – a team member tasked to not only understand the problems of the business, but also visualize a strategic solution, plan the project, manage the team, implement the necessary processes and systems, and basically make things happen.
This specialist is now available for every company regardless of management structure, industry, size or geographic location and brings a mix of methodologies, software tools, business acumen and technological expertise. This specialist is what we call “Cynthetic Systems as a Service”.
Let us learn about the current state of your enterprise: challenges, strategies, and aspirations. From there we’ll craft an action plan to reach your business and personal goals faster.

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