What you don’t know about cybersecurity should keep you up at night.

Cybersecurity is a 24hr job and you’re only awake for 16 hours.

You’ve probably read all of the headlines about recent cybersecurity attacks.  From the Colonial Pipeline, JBS meat processor attacks to the half billion accounts breached on Facebook.  What you do not hear about is the attacks on Main Street America. What I see every day is small business owners acting reactively.  Only when they are threatened or held for ransom do they start acting or reach out to me for advice.  For most, it’s too late.   

 What I mean by that is businesses wait for an issue to arise and then react after the fact. That reactive approach can be lethal and expensive for your business. Maybe your network will be held hostage until you pay a ransom. You may find that your data has been stolen, your business has been breached, and you have lost your integrity.

I am always reading that there is high demand for cybersecurity expertise and services. Lately I had a conversation with another cybersecurity peer and we both were confounded.  “Why aren’t small business owners calling me to protect their assets, calling to ask questions, or concerned?”  We do a lot of marketing and sometimes it’s just crickets out there.

“Why aren’t small business owners calling me to protect their assets, calling to ask questions, or concerned?” 

All of this leaves me to think.  As a small business owner, what’s holding you back from having a discussion with me? Here is my humble opinion.

Criticism – Do you have a fear of being told you have a poor IT security posture?

Price – Do you think cybersecurity comes with hefty price tag?

Overconfidence – Do you think you have nothing hackers want?

We want to see businesses protected from the hackers trying to bring you down. If you do any transactions or have any type of personal information (even employees’ info), you are at risk and a potential target. Hackers want any data and systems that they can hold for ransom.

By using a monitor, detect, and response approach we can help keep you out of trouble. Affordably, we provide 24/7 enterprise-level security. This is the same level of security that you see in hospitals, banks, and large organizations. We provide this to businesses with 1 to 1,000 employees anywhere in the United States.

Pick up the phone and give me a call. I would love to be a resource and answer any questions you may have regarding cybersecurity and IT needs.

Visit the website for more info: cyntheticsystems.com

About Cynthetic Systems 2021

At Cynthetic Systems we are uniquely prepared to solve the challenges of the small business security operations. Our experts work as an extension of your team to provide 24×7 monitoring, detection, and response, as well as ongoing risk management to proactively protect systems and data while continually strengthening your security posture. No one has more ways to protect your small business than Cynthetic Systems. We provide advanced threat management that helps visualize, detect, and eliminate threats to the network in real-time. Cynthetic gives you deep insight and actionable intelligence into traffic across your network, as well as through the firewall, regardless of network size or design. For more information about Cynthetic Systems visit https://cynetheticsystems.com   

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