Specializing in Enterprise-Grade Cybersecurity Solutions and Professional Services for Small and Medium Businesses.

“We specialize in offering enterprise-grade cybersecurity to small and medium businesses.”

We offer monthly, fixed-cost enrollments with a roadmap approach.

Fractional Professionals

Clear Expectations

Ongoing Report Card



Network Security

Unified Management & Security Operations

Vendor Risk Management

Professional Services

User and Access Security

Audits and Assessments

Security Review Management


  • Budget with confidence.
  • Best ROI and Low Cost of Ownership.
  • Simplified cybersecuriity solutions.
  • Experienced, certified, knowledgeable team of professionals.
  • Access to advanced cybersecurity without building the tools and team to manage it internally.
  • Have a designated third party who is accountable and responsible for cybersecurity at your organization.
  • Continuous support without additional costs.


Cynthetic Systems is disrupting the outdated mold of traditional IT/Cybersecurity consulting.

82% of businesses underestimate their risk and don’t believe they are a target.

Our model is the perfect cybersecurity + IT model for companies that are just diving into cybersecurity.

Cynthetic Systems vs Self Service & Traditional Services

Our Mission: To help organizations implement, organize, and use their technology by giving complete, best-in-class, cybersecurity solutions and professional services.