The Virtual CIO  service helps to manage the responsibility and accountability of the many internal, external, and third party resources and vendors.








The gap we fill:

We help businesses that are looking for a subject matter expert to help them grow. Our clients come to us when dealing with the complexity of working in a digital world. We are the essential expert for businesses looking for “knowing how to or knowing what”. We help manage the “Virtual IT Department” that consists of at least 15 parties (ISP, Software Companies, Consultants, Hardware Vendors, and Service Providers etc.). We combine all of the expertise and knowledge to perform a “C” level management.

Is Your IT Strategic?

The Virtual CIO provides harmony among budget, strategy, operations and competitive advantage. You get the benefit of an experienced and knowledgeable Strategic CIO to guide decision making and management, without the overhead cost of hiring a full-time senior executive.

Virtual CIO Professional

The Virtual CIO professsional service is a deep dive service that uses  our expertise and engineering know how to understand, breakdown and meet business challenges. Those business challenges are met with our technical expertise coupled with business experience. Coupled with a fabric of internal professionals who will provide support, feedback, insight, resources, and information the Virtual CIO professsional service uniquely positioned to bring successful solutions to a myriad of problems and challenges. Key Concepts of Virtual CIO Professional services:

  • Merge technology & business goals.
  • Build IT maturity.
  • Improve security.
  • Support digital (web, email campaigns, analytics).
  • Develop technology opportunities with strategies and project visualization.
  • IT intelligence quotient (ITCq2) to measure competitiveness supported by information systems.
  • Essential and often overlooked support of key business functions that require technology.
  • More gains without high cost – our proven method called “Surround The Client”
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