Introducing The First “Large Enterprise Level” Cybersecurity Service for Small – Mid Size Organizations

Running a small business requires dealing with an immense number of issues from competition to scheduling, payroll, banking and collections and the new one: supply chain issues.

However, once you add security challenges to all of the above, it is just too much to handle:

  • No security experts on staff

  • Having to monitor security issues 24/7

  • Compliance reporting requirements

  • And the desire and goal to have security as a competitive differentiator

All SMB assets must be secured with appropriate security controls. By addressing the “Zero Trust” principle, SMB’s don’t have to worry about the lack of administrative resources on remote locations, patching and upgrades, the layered approach and portable devices.

Our SMB Cybersecurity Suite enforces access control, prevents attacks and threats, and protects business data, all while providing insight and visibility. It’s easy, fast, agile, and effective.

The Ultimate Peace Of Mind Delivered By Unmatched Cybersecurity Services At Highest Value Prices

Our SMB cybersecurity suite addresses these challenges with the best ROI (Return on Investment) and a low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

Customers receive a complete network perimeter defense plan, managed by the cybersecurity professionals at Cynthetic Systems.

Dynamic state-of-the-art cybersecurity that helps eliminate threats to your network.

SMB Cybersecurity Suite
SMB Cybersecurity Suite CEO Quote

Cynthetic Systems, an industry certified technical workforce that designs, implements the best security solutions for organizations in the Rocky Mountain region, is a 2 star partner of the Check Point SMB Security Suite.

Our Mission: To help organizations implement, organize, and use their technology by giving complete, best-in-class, cyber security solutions and professional services.


  • High Processing Power Next Generation Firewall, professionally configured and installed by Cybersecurity Professionals
  • Firewall Monitoring/Management 24×7 by dedicated AI technologies.
  • DPI-SSL Inspecting All Encrypted Traffic for Malware
  • Secure WiFi (Wireless LAN) for a secure wireless network experience
  • Unlimited Customer Service and Cybersecurity Assistance
  • Gateway Anti-Virus & Spyware Filtering
  • United Threat Management Software Updated as New Threats Arise
  • Intrusion Prevention Service (IPS): helping to stop any attacks on the network in real time and preventing backdoor application threats
  • Mobile VPNs for secure access and telecommuting needs. (Both IPsec & SSL)
  • Cynthetic Systems Exclusive: Weekly Emailed Strategic Management Reports (displays all company Internet activities and blocked threats)
  • Firewall Log Archive: maintaining a long-term record of all your company Internet activities
  • Site-to-Site VPNs: set up and managed24 x 7 (hub and spoke designs that include headquarters to branch locations)
  • Internet Content Filtering Service; blocking employee access to inappropriate and unproductive websites (56+ categories)
  • DMZ capable for any secondary subnet needs

Easily Protect Your Business for a Low Price

Starting at only $8.90/month per user

10 Users | Monthly Subscription