A security product line for PC and Mobile devices that provides end users with Check Point’s enterprise-grade technology. For more than 20 years, our award-winning products are protecting nearly 100 million consumers and small businesses worldwide.

Enterprise-Level Technology

Highest levels of protection, with enterprise-level security technologies.

Fast and Easy Installation

Hassle-free products ready for fast implementation

Unmanaged Security Solutions

Designed to address small size organizations or unmanaged individuals security needs

PC Protection

Growing Internet usage can expose small businesses to increased security risks and threats. Our solutions include advanced security technology standard for consumer and small offices.

Mobile Security

Vulnerabilities in networks and operating systems go undetected with traditional anti-virus solutions, allowing unprecedented attacks by cybercriminals. Our enpoint security app provides accurate threat detection and efficient response time, preventing advanced attacks on mobile devices.


Our endpoint solution analyzes all suspicious activities on your PC. It detects ransomware attacks, blocks them, and immediately restores any encrypted files. We offer enterprise-grade protection against ransomware threats. It’s a winner of the “Best Ransomware Protection” by PC Magazine for the 2nd year in a row.

Harmony Endpoint delivers advanced threat protection for known, unknown and zero-day malwares, enhanced by Check Point‘s Threat Intelligence capabilities and Prevention first approach. Harmony Endpoint Complete is using Data Protection, Sandboxing, Advanced Threat Prevention capabilities, advanced attack investigation tools, access control and Web Protection features, to deliver our customers top of the art security capabilities. Includes installation and support.

In today’s complex threat landscape, large-scale, multi-vector attacks now threaten the fabric of societies around the globe. Only the best security can protect against these Gen V attacks, and Check Point’s transformative new product innovations will achieve this better than ever.

Cynthetic Systems, an industry certified technical workforce that designs, implements the best security solutions for organizations in the Rocky Mountain region, is a 2 star partner of the Check Point SMB Security Suite.



Check Point Harmony is the industry’s first unified security solution for users’ devices and access. It protects devices and internet connections from the most sophisticated attacks while ensuring zero-trust access to corporate applications. The Harmony product suite provides; Clientless Connectivity, Endpoint Security, VPN Remote Access, Mobile Security, Secure Internet Browsing, and Email Security.