Cybersecurity as a Service
You’re the target….

“We provide solutions and straight forward advice to  businesses in an environment where criminals are more than ever targeting them.”

Now you can get access to advanced cybersecurity without having to build up the tools and team to manage it internally.

1 in 5 Businesses Gets Hacked

The threats to your business extend well beyond someone sneaking in your back door, to intruders hacking their way in through your back-end systems. Cynthetic Systems cybersecurity Solutions for  business can help protect your systems and help minimize the possibility of your networks and customer data from getting hacked. And with our new flexible payment options, you can protect now and pay over time.

Cynthetic Systems Cybersecurity for SMB
Cybersecurity Solutions for Small Business


Nearly 60% of small businesses that are victims of cyber crimes closed permanently within 6 months of attack.

*According to the National Cyber Security Alliance. Read more here

Cybersecurity Solutions for Business

Recognize the Threats to Your Business

Data Breaches

Personal information on your network is accessed, stolen, shared or used without permission.

Data Destruction

The loss of all the information on your business computing devices to malware, ransomware, user theft or error.


When a criminal poses as a legitimate company to gain access to company financial data, typically through email.


Intrusion software designed to disable your computing devices, destroy data or hijack your networks. Mobile malware is on the rise.


Malicious software designed to block access to a computer or network until a ransom is paid.

Productivity Loss

Any successful attack can mean halting business as usual and losing customer trust.

Every Device Is a Potential Entry Point

Think of all the ways you, your employees and your customers access your networks and data. Phones, tablets, computers, Wi-Fi connections and even smart devices are all potential avenues for entry into your networks and the data you store and send. Comprehensive protection is essential to a healthy business.

How Cynthetic Systems Delivers Cybersecurity

Professional System Installation

Our cyber experts assess your security needs and install a solution that covers your network.

Fast Response

If there’s an attempted breach, we immediately move to help stop it and keep you from getting hacked.

24/7 Monitoring

We keep a close eye on your networks day and night to quickly spot cyber attacks

Automatic System Updates

When there’s an update to your security software, we push it out to you automatically.

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Cynthetic Systems Four Security Pillars

Managed Firewall

24/7 managed network security acts as a virtual perimeter wall for your business, helping prevent hackers from grabbing or destroying data.


Make your firewall’s protection mobile with virtual private network connectivity to the office for remote or traveling workers.

E-Mail Security

Scan e-mails for spam and capture malicious code before it enters your network to help keep ransomware and phishing scams off your network.

Monitoring Services

Know that we are constantly protecting your business from the latest threats, and that Cynthetic Systems is available immediately if an incident occurs.