Data Science for Small Business

Natural language processing tech.

A data visualization & storytelling layer on the data helps you get to answers.

Identify signals about emerging and disruptive technology and business trends by untangling a mess


We empower customers to evaluate opportunities and trends faster and more accurately, while saving millions of dollars in manual data collection and analytics costs.


Regression / Classification | Clustering | Natural Language Processing | Recommendation Systems |Deep Learning (ANN, CNN) |Sentimental Analysis |Data Science |Machine Learning |Data Visualizations  | Data Mining| Data Analysis|CNN |K-means | Linear/Logistic Regression |Supervised/Unsupervised/Reinforcement learning | Decision Trees | Random Forest | Naive Bayes | Neural Network | Data PreProcessing

Professional Data Science services:

Machine Learning, Data Sciences, Python, Django, and Web Development

Innovative Custom Software Development

Find B2B, B2C, C2C customized business portals that allow you to access information at lightning fast speed.

We give you the needed flexibility and security needed in developing a robust empire for yourself in your business domain.

Find expert Minimum Viable Product and Proof Of Concept development services with Cynthetic Systems.

Guaranteed quality, functionality and increased productivity.

Build digital products 10x faster than traditional developers.

Work with our team to develop an MVP webapp within weeks. We utilize NoCode rapid development tools to help you create a user friendly interface with the features and integrations you need.


Amazon Web Services (AWS) |Docker / Kubernetes | Mesos / Marathon | Swagger / GraphQL |Travis / Circle Cl | React / Redux | Java / Rust / Go | React Native / iOS / Android |Ruby / Rails | Elixir / Phoenix | JavaScript / Node / Electron | Git

Web Development

Single page apps, API design, Software as a Service



Visual & Interaction design, Wireframing, Style guides, Research

Our mission is to help organizations re-energize their core technology by providing vision and a roadmap to transform and secure IT infrastructure and operations.


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