Cybersecurity team offering technical skills, professional advice and ability.

Why choose Cynthetic Systems cybersecurity solutions?

We listen carefully to each customer’s unique requirements, provide a consultative approach to develop the right solution to meet objectives, and deliver results based on a proven methodology. As you make significant investments to plan and adopt new technology solutions that MUST be aligned with your business strategy, and it only follows that your partners should drive real value into your organization through successful execution of critical initiatives such as productivity gains, cost reductions, and a secure infrastructure.

Cynthetic Systems is a professional cybersecurity consulting firm with a broad range of information technology expertise serving enterprise, government, small businesses and other markets nationwide. Our core practice areas of expertise include physical infrastructure, cybersecurity solutions, and network monitoring & management. (Cybersecurity as a Service).


Cybersecurity team

Core practice areas of expertise include Physical Infrastructure, Security Solutions, and Network Monitoring & Management.

IT Security task team in coming available with specific skills and knowledge to assist with improvement, controls and compliance of computer and network security.   This team has a well versed knowledge computer security, and has specific skills to improve posture across network, server, computer and mobile devices.    If you have specific needs for compliance in finance or health care this team can assist with assessment, documentation and hands on controls improvement.     Team has specific NIST, HIPAA and FISMA experience protecting PII (Personal Identifying Information).    This team has specific experience implementing the following:

Effective Backup Scenarios
Two Factor Login & Security Controls
Endpoint & Email Encryption
Network Security Controls
End User Guidance and Education
Contingency & Disaster Recovery Planning and Documentation
Compliance Documentation
Securing Technical Environments


Greg – Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

Accomplished, forward-thinking and results-driven senior cybersecurity executive with demonstrated expertise and established competencies in corporate administration, operations and management, strategy, revenue growth, budgeting / cost management, vendor relationships, contract management and negotiations. As a highly collaborative “player- coach” with superior relationship management skills and an expert in intra-connected organizational disciplines, builds productive teams, delivers strong team management and promotes continued relationships and professional development across organizational hierarchies.


  • Enterprise Management & Operations
  • Cybersecurity
  • Manage | Detect | Respond
  • Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA)
  • Client Relationship Management
  • Standard Security Plans
  • Multi Factor Authentication
  • Field Security Services – Standard Operating Procedures
  • NIST 800
  • Incident Planning
  • Network Security
  • Backup Administration


Security Consultant, Network, Servers & Systems

Experienced consultant with specific skills and knowledge to assist with improvement, controls and compliance of computer and network security.   Well versed knowledge in computer security, and has specific skills to improve posture across network, server, computer, and mobile devices.      Specific experience providing education and training for compliance in finance or health care.  Can assist with assessment, documentation, and hands on controls improvement.     Specific NIST, HIPAA and FISMA experience protecting PII (Personal Identifying Information).    

John – Cyber Security Analyst

Diligent cyber security analyst with 3+ years Of experience securing systems and data. Seeking to deliver airtight information security at Cynthetic Systems. Cut security

risk 23% at through automation, training, backups, firewalls, and physical controls.

Cyber Security Analyst

  • Worked with development team to harden business firewall.
  • Planned, developed, and implemented a robust backup system for all vital company data, reducing data loss to zero.
  • Installed system Of physical access controls including POI_P, badges, laptop locks, password vaults, and biometrics to cut risk 20%.
  • Cut sniffing and spoofing attacks to zero by implementing scheduled updates for Wi-Fi software, firmware, and hardware.
  • Enforced regular password changes from all employees,

Key Achievement:

  • Slashed risk of cyber attacks by 23% by using automatic updates and training all 450+ employees in information security best practices.

Network Engineer

  • Monitored and secured websites with O successful attacks.
  • Worked with clients to find best cost-effective ways to minimize security risk. Helped slash risks by an average of 30%.
  • Lowered malware threats by with use of ad blockers, switching users to Google Chrome, and implementing automatic updates.

Angel – Network Engineer

Smart network administrator with 6+ years’ experience, uses proven Cisco skills to serve clients at Cynthetic Systems.  At Cynthetic Systems I have designed and installed networks of 100+ Cisco devices 150+ Clients. Slashed completion times 20% with solid project management skills, Cisco CCNP certified.

Network Engineer

  • Planned. and installed networks tor ISO* clients with 100-200 Cisco per job. Ensured redundance, scalability and security on all networks.
  • Modified vendor software to automate 30% of time spent on requirements-gathering.
  • Created and 700+ VPNS for corporate and employee use.
  • Used strong project management skills to Slash delivery times by 20%.

Network Engineer

  • Created 12 Secure networks, both local and wide-area.
  • Planned. designed. configured. and installed enterprise-level networks with 25% lower security risk than previous network engineer.
  • Performed load-balancing resulting in 30% less downtime.

Jose – Technical Support

Highly skilled Advanced Technical Support Agent with extensive experience of 4 years in contact center environments focused on providing quality service and first contact resolution to customers. Fluent in Spanish both verbally and written. Efficient problem solver and detail oriented with strong communication and teamwork skills Easily adaptable to change with an eagerness to learn new concepts and ideas.

Advanced Technical Support Agent

Identified, performed troubleshoot, diagnosed and worked to resolve customer issues for all  point-of-sale (pos) devices and their peripherals – striving for first call resolution without escalation when possible.

Handled a range of activities in working toward customer issue resolution including immediate resolution, triage and escalation, logging and forwarding customer inquiries/issues within the retail support and/or technical support.

Performed recommendations to develop knowledge management documents for specific issue resolution (including training, reference material).

Served as a point of contact for my peers in regard to procedural inquiries involving  point-of-sale systems and devices for United Kingdom clients, Assisted in a training class for new hires by answering their inquiries related to job procedures.

Assisted customers both internationally and domestically with technical issues with mobile phones, air cards and other devices.

Utilizes active listening and trouble shooting skills to resolve complex customer issues and  accurately determine when an escalation or transfer is required/

Technical Support Specialist

Handled tier I and tier 2 technical Support inquiries from our business partners in regards to all United Kingdom point-of-sale devices and periphera15V’ith an emphasis on first call resolution.

Resolved pending ticket claims even when not assigned in order to provide timely responses to our customers inquiries and made sure they are satisfied with the resolution of their issues.

Submitted new document recommendations and revisions in the knowledge management database to assist our department in handling customers issues efficiently and in a timely manner.

Served as a knowledge expert in the department for specific point-of-sale system inquiries Raised a potential fraud issue to our level 2 department. which led to a major uncovering in a retail site resulting in saving money to our business partner as nell as raising awareness to potential fraud which could have benefits well beyond this site.

Solved different issues involving Windows XP to Windows a. and Macintosh operating systems by troubleshooting software and hardware issues.

At Cynthetic Systems we know how difficult it is to make sure your IT Systems are reliable, safe and secure.

We focus on helping companies develop systems that are robust and secure.

The team at Cynthetic Systems takes a business-driven approach to small business cybersecurity:

We help identify gaps in existing capabilities across the people, processes, applications, data, technology and physical facilities across your organization.

 We help prioritize security initiatives and investments for optimal return.

We help simplify and speed the planning and execution of a straight forward security program.

We help you reach a desired security posture.

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NAICS code 511210 – cybersecurity software (encryption)

NAICS codes 517110, 518111, 518210, 54151, and 54121 – design and development of network security systems

Approaches for Federal Agencies to Use the Cybersecurity Framework

Recommended Security Controls for Federal Information Systems
System Security Plan (SSP)
Field Security Services – Standard Operating Procedures