“We differentiate ourselves from other providers by offering complete, best-in-class, cyber security products and services”.

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CS Vantage- Dedicated Virtual Security Services

Our team will develop a cybersecurity and compliance strategy aligned with your goals.

A designated third party who is accountable and responsible for cybersecurity and privacy at your organization.

Why would a small business use CS Vantage?

  1. Lack of resources (Money, People, Time).
  2. Need help in preparing for a SOC 2 / ISO 27001 /NIST audit.
  3. Need help responding to your customers’ or partners’ security assessment questionnaires.
  4. Prove your adherence to a customer (or prospect’s) compliance demands.

82% of businesses underestimate their risk and don’t believe they are a target.

Do you have a sense of security or real cybersecurity?

Implementing a range of cybersecurity measures, including firewalls, endpoint protection, encryption, access controls, and regular security monitoring is a complex and daunting task. 

Cynthetic Systems can help you meet your cybersecurity challenges. 

With our virtual security services, you’ll experience all the benefits of a full-time professional at only a fraction of the cost. When you invest in a virtual cybersecurity team for your company, you can feel confident that your sensitive data is protected against threats — but that’s not the only advantage of hiring our virtual cybersecurity team:

  • Lower cost than hiring a full-time cybersecurity professional.
  • Zero limitations on resources, tools, and technologies — and which ones will best complement your IT toolbox.
  • Expertise on security strategies, regulations, and topics.
  • Scalability, we work with businesses small and large.
  • Indefinite Terms means we can work with you as need us.

Organizations that partner with CS Vantage have a reliable team who stands by their side to defend against the worst types of threats.

Cybersecurity, Privacy, and Compliance for Your Organization.

  • Know your cybersecurity score, your risks, and your vulnerabilities.
  • Have a concrete plan that will get you to a more secure state.
  • Project confidence to your organization that you are leading well.
  • Demonstrate with proof that you are working hard to secure your organization.
  • Peace of mind that you have the best practices to remain secure.
  • Share a cybersecurity report with your prospects to give them more confidence.
  • Protect your ability to accomplish your mission and reach your potential.
  • Ensure that your organization doesn’t become distracted.
  • Obtain certifications that help attract larger, security-conscious customers or partners.

Our team will provide you with professional oversight into your data health and the executive leadership needed to create a plan to improve it — whether that involves freeing up internal resources or creating scalable security programs.


  • Understand your IT environment and security program to provide expert insight into industry leading practices.
  • Conduct initial security assessment to understand deficiencies and improvement areas.
  • Establish a proposed program roadmap for security projects based on identified deficiencies.
  • Maintain a deep understanding of your business model and objectives.
  • Respond to Security Assessment Questionnaires (SAQ’s) from your customers and support you in responding to customer queries, as needed.
  • Provide Weekly Report Card on Progress, Issues, etc.
  • Provide expert opinions on diverse security topics, regulation, and strategy.
  • Create and update policies and controls to align with desired compliance frameworks.
  • Enhance internal compliance structure and support implementation of processes.
  • Collaborate with your team to enhance marketing deliverables and wording related to security.
  • Review existing security awareness content, provide updates, and create new content alongside your team.
  • Understand existing architecture, data flows, and tool integrations to provide recommendations on enhancement.
  • Conduct recurring security team meetings with management.