“We differentiate ourselves from other providers by offering complete, best-in-class, cyber security products and services”.

Next level leading preventiion-first MDR/MDP solution.
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CS Signature – Align cyber security with business objectives.

Focused administration.

Engaged for usability and performance issues.

Aligned security with data protection.

82% of businesses underestimate their risk and don’t believe they are a target.

Do you have a sense of security or real cybersecurity?

Implementing a range of cybersecurity measures, including firewalls, endpoint protection, encryption, access controls, and regular security monitoring is a complex and daunting task. 

Cynthetic Systems can help you meet your cybersecurity challenges. 

We are your dedicated accountable and responsible third-party for cyber security and privacy.

CS Signature manages, applies, and grows technology for your business. As an essential expert we help our clients reduce complexity.

Now you can get access to advanced cybersecurity without having to build up the tools and team to manage it internally.

We are your dedicated accountable and responsible third-party for cyber security and privacy.

CS Signature manages, applies, and grows technology for your business. As an essential expert we help our clients reduce complexity.
When you invest in a virtual cybersecurity team for your company, you can feel confident that your sensitive data is protected against threats — but that’s not the only advantage of hiring our virtual cybersecurity team:

• Lower cost than hiring a full-time cybersecurity professional.
• Zero limitations on resources, tools, and technologies — and which ones will best complement your IT toolbox.
• Expertise on security strategies, regulations, and topics.
• Scalability, we work with businesses small and large.
• Indefinite Terms means we can work with you as need us.

Organizations that partner with CS Signature have a reliable team who stands by their side to defend against the worst types of threats.
By partnering with Cynthetic Systems, you can benefit from the following:
1. Focus on Core Business.
2. Cost Efficiency.
3. Access to Expertise.
4. Proactive Monitoring and Support.
5. Scalability and Flexibility.
6. Enhanced Security and Compliance.


Support & Maintenance

We provide continuous assistance and proactive updates to ensure your technology is performing at its peak level.

Endpoint Security

EPP, EDR & XDR in a single client and management console.
Zero-Phishing & Browser Protection: Blocks the most sophisticated phishing attacks with zero impact on end users.
ThreatCloud Al – Zero-Day protection with more than 60 AI engines.
Posture Management: Reduce the attack surface with Risk assessment and Vulnerability & Patch management.
Ransomware Protection – cutting edge ransomware prevention, with rapid threat detection and seamless recovery.
Data Protection prevents data loss with custom policies to keep data safe and maintain compliance.

This way, your organization gets all the endpoint protection it needs, at the quality it deserves, in a single, efficient, and cost-effective solution. Email & Collaboration Security

  • Anti-Phishing for incoming and internal emails
  • Complete known malware and zero-day malware prevention (Sandboxing)
  • Attachment sanitization (CDR, Threat Extraction)
  • Malicious URL protection (URL Protection)
  • URL Click-Time Protection (URL Re-writing)
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
  • Account takeover prevention (Anomalies)
  • Unauthorized applications detection (Shadow IT)
  • Collaboration Applications Security:
  • Complete known malware and zero-day malware prevention (Sandboxing)
  • Malicious URL prevention (URL Protection) for messages and files
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) for messages and files

Unlimited Cloud Backups  
Unlimited Remote Support

Day-to-Day Services

Cyber Security
Desktop/Laptop Installation and Management
Network Security / Management
Mobile Device Support
Cloud Services
Software Updates
Remote Management / Monitoring
Data Back-Up, Management and Maintenance
User Support (“How do I…” or “This isn’t working”)
Configure Remote Access / Multi-Site VPNs

Optimized Prevention: End-to-End Proactive Security Operations

  • We monitor your entire IT infrastructure 24x7x365 to accurately detect real attacks across network, endpoints, email, cloud, mobile, and IoT.
  • We prevent attacks from spreading in your organization by embedded prevention first approach in MDR, both prevention configurations and recommendations.
  • We perform in-depth incident investigations and proactively hunt for threats using the industry’s most powerful threat intelligence, AI analytics tools, and Mitre Att&ck.
  • We continually make threat prevention better through ongoing AI updates.
  • We rapidly respond to real threats, using orchestrated responses with automated playbooks to remediate your environment and improve defenses to prevent future attacks.