“We differentiate ourselves from other providers by offering complete, best-in-class, cyber security products and services”.

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CS Guardian- Dedicated IT Team Service

Focused administration.

Engaged for usability and performance issues.

Aligned security with data protection.

82% of businesses underestimate their risk and don’t believe they are a target.

Do you have a sense of security or real cybersecurity?

Implementing a range of cybersecurity measures, including firewalls, endpoint protection, encryption, access controls, and regular security monitoring is a complex and daunting task. 

Cynthetic Systems can help you meet your cybersecurity challenges. 

We are your dedicated accountable and responsible third-party for cyber security and privacy.

CS Guardian manages, applies, and grows technology for your business. As an essential expert we help our clients reduce complexity.



In the past IT service was a matter of infrastructure: networks, devices, servers and so on. And these systems were not interconnected.

Fast forward to today and systems are interconnected, using technology is less complicated but the most lucrative and time-saving solutions are overlooked by most business leaders.

IT is clearly a strategic asset. It is not the infrastructure but the applications, the adaptability, and the culture that can be a differentiating factor among the competition.

Our value proposition is geared to reducing the complexity of the management of technology. That means our goal is to manage all technology-based business areas – to make you more competitive using technology.

  1. Improve efficiency with technology: we can drive down your costs through automation, standardization; better processes, information, communication, and collaboration.
  2. Competitive edge with technology: fuel your revenue streams with technology, better customer service, faster delivery, and better information flows.
  3. Maximize business continuity: as the impact of breach is higher, cyber security, privacy and compliance are more important aspects in the business perspective.


Support & Maintenance

We provide continuous assistance and proactive updates to ensure your technology is performing at its peak level.

Virtual CIO

IT Infrastructure Roadmap Plan
IT Infrastructure Budget Plan
Technology Stack Adoption
IT Infrastructure Risk Assessment
Third Party Vendor Management / Oversight
Emergency Support (On and Off-Site)
Server and Network Installation
Moves and Expansions
Network Upgrades
Health Report Cards
Long-Term Technology Planning
Asset Procurement / Management
Setup and Maintenance of Virtual Infrastructure

Day-to-Day Services

Cyber Security
Desktop/Laptop Installation and Management
Network Security / Management
Mobile Device Support
Cloud Services
Software Updates
Remote Management / Monitoring
Data Back-Up, Management and Maintenance
User Support (“How do I…” or “This isn’t working”)
Configure Remote Access / Multi-Site VPNs