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Computer sales, parts and repairs

Cynthetic Systems is your local source for computer sales, parts, and repair. Our team offers professional expertise and experience with small firm service.  We offer a wide range of products from new sales to used PCs, tablets, and peripherals and parts.

Our full tech repair and service center offers diagnostics, fixes and component repair and upgrades. Call us at 303-256-9457 to have a discussion with our techs to get an evaluation of your computer problems. We offer consulting for upgrades or new purchases.


Supporting all Windows / PC issues

Repairing laptops, desktops, PCs, custom gaming machines, all-in-ones, and tablets.

 Used and refurbished laptops and desktop computers from major brands like Dell, HP, and Lenovo for sale and by custom orders.

Our affordable solutions help you buy smart and find the best value on high quality used computers.

Our team takes refurbishing to the next level by testing and hand inspecting every machine three times.

We add personalization and can upgrade any components as you like.



Detailed Computer Service Recycling


We handle end-of-life disposal in a secure, cost-efficient, and responsible manner.

We offer data destruction. The destruction of hard drive data is essential to your security if you’re ever getting rid of your personal or businesses hard drives. At Cynthetic Systems, we are equipped with all the required tools to safely destroy your data.

” But why can’t I just delete all my files and call it a day?”

Well, the simple answer is, is that it’s not secure. You see, when a file is deleted from a hard drive, the computer doesn’t remove anything, it simply says that you can write more data over this area, freeing it up. This means that if a file is deleted, you can download a software that can recover the deleted files, making simply deleting the files insecure.

We handle end-of-life disposal in a secure, cost-efficient, and responsible manner.

The destruction of hard drive data is essential to your security if you’re ever getting rid of your personal or businesses hard drives.  Our team uses the tools that are compliant with, or even more advanced than the DoD 5220.22-m standard for securely erasing data.

For more information, or to get a quote on data destruction, you can call us now at 303-256-9457.

Get your custom gaming PC.

Gaming has become an increasingly popular past time as well as a serious occupation in recent years. Picking the wrong gaming PC could result in some serious rage quitting so our team at Cynthetic Systems has decided to condense the wide range of desktop computers and make a list of the most valuable and capable gaming computers. For a gaming desktop, you want a fast processor, a discrete graphics card and a high-resolution display. Cynthetic Systems has a range of high horsepower computers, coming complete with Intel Core i5 or Intel Core i7 processors, to ensure you get a computer that can handle all your gaming needs. All of Cynthetic Systems used, and refurbished desktop computers are put through three of the most inclusive tests one can perform on a computer confirming we guarantee premium quality and extended life at cheap and budget friendly prices. Cynthetic Systems also understands that a powerful gaming PC, though worth it, is not always cheap, so we include a free one-year warranty to ensure the best bang for your buck! We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction so feel free to give us a call, thank you for shopping and best of wishes!

Cynthetic  @ Home

Now more than ever you rely on your technology at home for work, school, and entertainment.  We can help you build a system at home that is secure, reliable, and robust to meet the demands of a busy family.

Digital Workplace

Ensure that you have a stable and reliable workplace that supports online meetings with great sound and images.

Service Continuity

Quickly source and onboard skilled resources like us here at Cynthetic Systems to support critical services or deliver new IT projects.

Bolster Automation

Use existing automation to set reminders with Alexa, Google or Cortana to never miss a meeting or a class.

Learn to use the cloud

Backup to the cloud and optimize your ability to work from anywhere.


Install a smart firewall to provide quality of service for school work and workplace. Quickly resolve critical systems problems should they arise.


Learn how to keep your work safe, your kids safe and your home safe.

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