Cybersecurity With AI



 AI with Check Point – Security and Strategy The year 2024 was called the year of Artificial Intelligence. AI is around us, intruding into multiple aspects of our lives daily. As with any other technology, it can be used for both good and malicious purposes. Join our session to learn how AI is changing the security landscape and what the AI security and strategy is at Cynthetic Systems.

We will talk about trends and challenges and will discuss upcoming innovations as well as future prospects.

Our agenda includes the following:

• Overview of industry trends related to AI and GenAI

• Where AI and Cyber meet

• What we hear from leading CISOs

• Check Point’s AI strategy

• AI and Threat Prevention

• GenAI and SOC tools •

Challenges when adopting AI for security and administration

• And more! We look forward to seeing you there!

When: November 14th 1::00PM – 2:00 PM Where: Virtual via Zoom meetings- Register below.

Must be registered to attend.