Tips for time management and planning.

Incorporate these tips to make your day go smoother.

Google Calendar:

Google’s built-in calendar app is incredibly useful for managing a schedule. With the ability to link multiple devices to one Gmail account you can receive notifications of any event or reminder from any of your devices whether it be handheld or a computer. To occupancy this there are some very useful features that we will cover.

Calendar Profiles:

Add different calendar profiles, to do this hit the plus mark next to “My Calendars” afterward name it, fill out the time zone information and its purpose. Now you have a way to set events for different aspects of your life along with the ability to categorize them, so reminders and events don’t get jumbled up.

Send Group Emails:

If there’s a need to send an email about an event instead of making a separate email and cc’ing everyone individually you can email everyone through the event itself. Click on the event itself and by clicking the envelope you can start your group-wide email

Share Your Calendar:

You are able to control who sees which of your calendars, this means you can share your work reminders with a coworker and keep your personal life personal. It’s really hand when trying to plan an event between coworkers.

Hopefully, some of these tips will be useful to you.

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