The CIA (no, not that one)

Computers are supposed to make business more efficient. Why then, are there so many hoops to jump through to get the simplest things done?

Just to reset your email password, you have to enter a code from your cell phone within 60 seconds for the privilege of dreaming up a new secure secret which needs to include uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, symbols, and several hieroglyphs that exist only in legend and the hearts of our elders.

In cybersecurity, there is the concept of balancing the CIA: Confidentiality, Integrity, and Accessibility. In essence, every measure you take to safeguard data will include a tradeoff that makes that data harder to access. Every time that data is accessed, there is a potential tradeoff in data integrity.

What can be done about this inescapable set of interdependent annoyances? We can look to the cousin of the CIA framework: cheap, fast, and good. You know what kind of additional verification factor will be the fastest for your organization, but it likely won’t be cheap and the quality will likely be dubious.

The most crucial consideration is the cost of preparation versus the cost of negligence. How much is it really worth to avoid an additional step to log in to your business systems every morning when it makes you an easy target?

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