Cybercrimes, Do You Know Who’s in Your Wallet?

In the year 2020 identity theft was up almost 50% from just the year before. With Covid-19 still on the rise and more things becoming digital, the cases of identity theft will only go up and people need to know how to protect themselves.

Cybercrimes are vicious to anyone they target using any and all information they can get ahold of. In 2020 alone, it was reported that 47% of Americans fell victim to financial identity theft in 2020 with the losses totaled at 712.4 Billion dollars.

The percentage jump in cybercrime was fueled by the high amount of people on unemployment and stimulus, because of the pandemic, which were prime targets for attackers.

The number of people plagued by cyber crimes is suspected to only go up with 2021 predicted to hit at least 720 Billion and even higher losses are projected in 2022. Identity theft is no joke, and only you can protect yourself from falling victim to it.

The way most Americans fall victim to identity theft is through a technique called social engineering where the attacker will try various different ways to trick or compel you to either click a link, divulge personal information, or get you to download a program. Attempts such as scam emails seem obvious but there are other nefarious methods that attackers can try, to learn how to see how these attacks are conducted and how to better protect yourself here is an informational webpage.

Going in to 2022 with cyberattacks still running rampant seems terrifying but with a well-informed mind and the steps to protect yourself, the risks can be minimalized.

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