4 tips for a successful launch with a small audience

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June 24, 2021

4 tips for a successful launch with a small audience

So when you’re a smaller business, you can still have a successful launch, you just need to focus on what you’re doing in that 60 to 90 days leading up to the launch. I’ll give you a few tips on how you can still have that successful launch with a tiny list.

But basically how you can use that 60 to 90 days to strategically show up, share content that’s going to grow your audience and it’s going to get them ready to buy so that when you open doors, they are there, they’re ready and they’re waiting to buy your product. And I also, of course, teach all of the other moving parts of the launch step-by-step, but that is one of the core things is that 60 to 90 days. And from the feedback that I got from my clients, that was what surprised them the most, nobody realized what actually goes into a launch.


Begin at least 60 to 90 days beforehand. And that’s not 60 to 90 days of talking about your product. This is where one of the big misconceptions about launching is. A lot of people think that launching is just talking about your product and trying to build that hype. It’s not that. It’s about sharing strategic content that’s going to grow and nurture your audience so that they are where they need to be to be ready to buy from you when your product is available for sale or when you open doors.


Put your face on social media, go live, do stories, share content wherever you feel most comfortable. And even if you don’t feel fully comfortable, I challenge you to do things that feel a little bit uncomfortable because that’s how you grow. But the main thing is that you’re showing up consistently and regularly for your audience. You don’t need to do everything. You just need to pick a few places where you can consistently show up for your audience.


So this is something that doesn’t scale. When your audience really grows, you don’t have the time to have one-to-one conversations with everyone in your audience. So while you have a small audience, try and have as many of those one-to-one conversations, whether that’s in your inbox, whether that’s in your DMs, when you launch and you have people who are sitting on the fence, get them onto a Zoom call and address any questions and any hesitations they might have on that call before they join your course or your membership or whatever it is that you’re launching.


You might not have a big audience, but chances are that people you know do, or people who have a similar audience to the people you’re trying to reach but aren’t competitors. Reach out and collaborate with those people, ask your friends to share, ask your loyal clients and customers to share, pitch other people’s podcasts to be a guest, teach to other people’s audiences. You have so much value that you can deliver to other people’s audiences, it’s just a matter of articulating that value and then getting in front of those people.

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