What to Know When Buying a Computer

When purchasing a new computer, sellers will list the different specifications of the computer. If you aren’t familiar with the tech lingo, it can be very difficult to figure out what computer would best fit your needs. Today, we will be discussing what different specifications are, and how to pick what is best for your needs.


To begin, all computers have RAM, or random access memory. RAM is where the computer stores information currently being used. This includes programs running, as well as the contents inside, like documents opened, webpages opened, and so on. The more RAM your computer has, the more tasks your computer can handle at once. For simple processing tasks like writing documents, 4GB of RAM could be enough. However, for more complex tasks like specialized programs and games, 8GB or even 16GB may meet your needs better.


Another important aspect of a computer is its processor. Processor speed refers to how quickly a computer can complete different tasks, while the number of cores refers to how many tasks the computer can do simultaneously. For complex or heavy-duty tasks, your computer will need a processor with both higher speeds and multiple cores. Some computers even have a dedicated processor for their graphics, when having clear and high-definition images on their computer are needed.


Computer memory is another important specification to consider when purchasing a computer. Some programs take up a lot of space, and having lots of programs and files saved to your computer will quickly fill up all of the memory on your hard drive. It is important to see how much is saved to your current computer, and consider what will be transferred over to your new computer. Be sure to leave space on your new computer for any new files and programs you may need to download.


These are what some of the specifications of computers are, and what they may mean in regards to what will fit your needs best. Need help picking out a new computer? Not sure what specifications fit you best? Feel free to contact us today!

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