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Train and build a security policy for your business quickly and easily with the Cynthetic Security Training Toolbox.

Ensure everyone in the company knows they have a part to play in creating a cyber-savvy culture. Think about it: if everyone in your organization practices good cyber habits, the need for you to allocate a substantial amount of resources for cyber security would be drastically reduced.

If you want your team to participate in making the business safer from hacking and cyber crime, you have to give them the knowledge to make good security choices.


Cybersecurity As A Service Small Business
(Manage, Detect, Respond)

Your small business is exposed to a growing world of cyberthreats, and the potential ways to attack your business network are constantly multiplying and evolving.

Every new user, device and application connecting to your network brings a new “door” or “window” a cyber criminal potentially could secretly slip through.

A cyber criminal hiding in encrypted traffic may walk through your firewalls and invisibly arrive, unchallenged, and either hold your network for ransom or remain unnoticed, collecting your data for months.


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