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Your behind the scenes ninjas. 

Giving you the professional guidance and expert tools you need to make your online presence a soaring success.

“I want to…”

Improve my online sales funnels

Have my first *profitable* digital product launch

Unlock the resources I need to create a digital product

Pick your brain about launching a digital product

We’re the 2nd version of you.

We are very different type of service from someone like a VA or Website builder.  We fully own projects, understanding your goals, solving problems and drive results. 

As your digital business manager, we provide value, knowledge, and results.  Working side by side with the CEO.

We do projects like building a 1000 true followers database, getting 500 subscribers to a newsletter, and doing an online launch like a podcast, online course or e-book. We can do all of the planning, writing and implementing content on your website. So rather than just executing tasks,  we strive to meet a strategic goal. 

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Paid Newsletters: Deal Memo

Paid Newsletters: Deal Memo

 ProblemSome content wouldn’t exist without direct support.When audiences are large enough to attract advertisers. They alter incentives.Advertising alters incentives. SolutionPaid newsletters make niche content possible that wouldn’t otherwise exist....

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4 tips for a successful launch with a small audience

4 tips for a successful launch with a small audience

4 tips for a successful launch with a small audienceSo when you're a smaller business, you can still have a successful launch, you just need to focus on what you're doing in that 60 to 90 days leading up to the launch. I'll give you a few tips on how you...

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HOW TO BUILD AN EMAIL LIST FASTThe email list-building process that I’m sharing here is a high-level overview of the one that we use for or digital business management services. This is a step-by-step email marketing post to get you building an email list...

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Hi I am Amy, the President of Cynthetic Systems.  I am the master coordinator of our small team of digital business managers.  I am Originally from New York, I moved out to Denver after visiting a number of times to visit and fell in love with the outdoor lifestyle. I recently took this position to transition into IT and wow there was a lot to this business!  I enjoy the many facets of our business from our cybersecurity practice to the digital business management.  The most exciting part of my job is working with the most talented individuals as a team.  And I love working side by side with CEOs.

Since I moved to Colorado over 10 years ago I have taken up running and cycling and recently completed marathons, half marathons and century rides.

Our mission is to help organizations re-energize their core technology by providing vision and a roadmap to transform and secure IT infrastructure and operations.


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